The Bridge for Youth - Minneapolis
Center for homeless youth in Minnesota

the bridge mural I

The Bridge - mural 3.jpg

the bridge mural II

Ascension Place
Transitional housing for women in crisis - Minneapolis

Ascension Place - mural 1 - 14 ft x 4.5 ft.jpg

Ascension place mural I

Ascension Place - mural 2.jpg

ascension place mural II

Ascension place - mural 4.jpg

ascension place mural III

Ascension Place - mural 6.jpg

ascension place mural IV

MCFTA - flower mural 1.jpg

MCFTA flower mural I

MCFTA - Flower mural 2.jpg

mCFTA flower mural II

Minnetonka Center for the Arts Flower mural I & II